> East Village Food and Culture Tour™
east village food icon
Visiting East Village is like visiting the Food Haven of the World. Many ethnic groups and delicious eateries are gathered in East Village. You will TASTE ONLY THE BEST of its kind including japanese appretizers, falafel sandwiches, belgian fries, Mexican spicy hot chocolate, and more...
> Tastes of Chinatown (Guided by Local Chinese)
This tour takes you to secret eateries, restaurants, and specialty shops – the authentic Chinese way! Be exposed to a wide variety of Chinese cultures including those of the Taiwanese, Shanghaiese, Pekingese, Cantonese, and Hongkonger. It will be an eye-opening and mouth-watering experience! More...
> Ultimate New York Food & Culture Tour™
japanese Cooking
What exactly is New York City food? Is it the internationally well-known New York pizza, cheesecake, and hot dog, or the more local popular, ethnic Jamaican beef patty, Middle Eastern falafel sandwich, and Halal food? It’s not a surprise that it is a mix of both! After all, NYC is the ultimate melting pot of different cultures and cuisines. More...
> Asian Vegetarian Food and Culture Tour™ (w/ Dim Sum);
buddhist cuisine vegetarian dim sum
We will take you to NYC Chinatown to experience Buddhist Cuisine, also known as East Asian vegetarian cuisine (zhāicài), one of the oldest known vegetarian cuisines, and its ingredients! More...
> Gourmet and Fusion Dessert Tour™
pastries desserts sweet
Tour presents only the cream of the crop—with tastings of the city’s finest hot chocolate, desserts, and pastries—offering an overall mouth-watering, tantalizing experience in the authentic and exotic culinary world! More...
> Original Multicultural Bar Hopping Tour™
First Multicultural Bar Hopping Tour
We leverage the unique cultural mix of NYC and the knowledge of our local food and drinks lovers to tailor this diverse and yet authentic multicultural bar hopping tour. Through the tour, you will learn about the history, culture, and development of each ethnic wine or beer, and more importantly, experience and taste the drink! More...

> Freakiest and Funniest Food Tour™
Freakies & Funniest
Are you ready for an exotic, adventurous, freaky, funny, and yet delicious food tour? You are going to explore a wide variety of foods that you have never thought of tasting before, or some you may have never even heard of!

Do you want to see your friends, families, or fellow tourists’ funky facial expressions as they try new exotic foods? More...
> Original Southeast Asian & Chinese Food Tour™
Southeast Asian cultural food tour
This tour will expose and delight your palate to different yet equally delicious wonders and introduce you to a variety of delectable Chinese and Southeast Asian Cuisines such as Malaysian and Vietnamese. More...
> Everything Chocolate™
You will experience tastings of only the finest chocolate drinks, desserts, and pastries in both authentic and exotic culinary worlds! More...
> East Village Food, Drinks, & Culture Tour™
east village cultural food tour
Visiting East Village is like visiting the Food Haven of the World. Many ethnic groups and delicious eateries and bars are gathered in East Village. You will TASTE ONLY THE BEST of its kind including Korean soju, beers at the oldest bar, Japanese appretizers, falafel sandwiches, belgian fries, and more...
> Private Group Tour
Big Apple Food Tours
Want a private tour just for your family/group. Fill in an inquiry. We will reponse with details and pricing based on your group size and tour date.

We have expertise in organizing and providing private tours to individual groups, corporations (e.g. Travel Channel, Google, Boston Consulting Group, and American Express), and institutions (e.g. NYU, and Columbia University).

We were featured in different press (e.g. New York Times, US News, Travel Channel, and more). Our press info will be up shortly! We just have been busy.

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